HydraSoft Glossing Treatment

Hair Gloss Treatments
All Hair Types
Dry hair
Frizzy Hair
Coarse hair
Colour-Treated Hair
Curly Hair
Damaged hair
Fine + Thinning Hair
Oily Hair
Straight Hair
Wavy Hair

Transform hair with softness and shine without the weight. The HydraTriplex™ blend of amino acids, vegetable protein and nourishing oils deeply hydrates, binds and seals the hair.

Hyaluronic acid, vegan collagen and plant extracts add lightweight moisture.

Balances porosity from roots to ends for a silky smooth finish.

After shampooing with HydraSoft Shampoo, squeeze out excess water before application. Apply starting at the ends, then massage through the mid-shaft up to the scalp. Massage or comb through hair for 10-15 seconds; rinse well.

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