For centuries, native Hawaiians have used the fragrant juice of awapuhi ginger to moisturise skin and hair. Packed with 19 amino acids hair needs to look and feel its best, the awapuhi plant provides natural nourishment for dry and damaged strands.


Regenerative Roots

All of the awapuhi used in our products is still grown and harvested on the John Paul Mitchell Systems® Awapuhi Farm. The same family has lovingly cared for the grounds for over 40 years.
Each awapuhi ginger plant is carefully grown and harvested using solar power, rain water and time-honoured practices. The roots are washed by hand, then dried in a solar dehydration shed and ground into a concentrated powder that is added to our products.
A portion of each root is also replanted for the following year’s harvest, creating a regenerative cycle. The roots remain dormant in the earth until early summer, when they begin to grow into the next generation of awapuhi ginger.



A Little Piece of Paradise

After discovering awapuhi ginger, our co-founders became captivated by the natural benefits of the remarkable plant.
In 1983, they established an off-the-grid farm in Pa'auilo, Hawaii. Lush with tropical plants, flowers and fruit-bearing trees, the retreat became home to our signature ingredient: awapuhi extract.
Two years later, we introduced the original fan-favorite, Awapuhi Shampoo™.