PCR Packaging

We are committed to transitioning to post-consumer recycled packaging by 2025, including bottles and jars made from 100% PCR and tubes made from 25% PCR*. Due to the nature of recycled content, packaging may vary slightly in color, as seen in our Tea Tree Hemp Collection. Join us in celebrating this uniqueness as we all do our part to help the planet.

*Excludes pumps, caps, and closures.

      Responsible     Sourcing

We use 100% Australian tea tree oil, sourced from Australian farms that are certified for their responsible sourcing and harvesting practices.

One Million Trees Planted and Counting

Together, with your help, we have planted one million trees! Now, we are pledging to plant another million trees with Reforest’Action and have joined the global tree planting movement 1t.org to do even more.