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Our First-Ever Global Ambassador

Introducing Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell

“Expressing myself through hair is a fun experience that represents different stages in my life. I get to create new personas, personalities and characters with every look—from super sexy with long, straight hair, a chilled-out feel with curly waves, and a little tomboy with a short cut,” says Winnie.

Winnie Harlow is known for breaking the beauty mould and following her own path as a successful model and activist, with a tie to hair since childhood.

“Partnering with an iconic brand like Paul Mitchell is close to my heart, as my mom was a hairdresser growing up. I loved seeing her transform a client’s hair, put a smile on their face, and leave them happy and ready to rule the world,” she says.


Express Yourself

With the help of her longtime stylist and Paul Mitchell® Brand Ambassador, César DeLeön Ramirêz, Winnie shows how changing your hair—from a power pixie to a crown of curls—can change your whole outlook.


Join us as we celebrate the power of self-expression with influential top model Winnie Harlow and her hairdresser and friend, César DeLeön Ramirêz. As an advocate for redefining what is beautiful and as our first-ever Global Ambassador, Winnie will inspire you to discover your best self.

Here's the Tea...

Behind the Scenes

Get an insider’s look at our photo shoot and witness Winnie’s beautiful transformations as well as her close bond with her bestie and stylist, César.


Meet César DeLeön Ramirêz

There’s no relationship like the one between a stylist and his muse. César DeLeön Ramirêz and Winnie Harlow share a special bond that illustrates how a creator’s touch can make their subject shine.

Like Winnie, Cesar’s hair story also began in his mother’s salon, and as a 25-year veteran in the industry, he's worked with every recognisable head in Hollywood. He brings his artist perspective, which is in perfect harmony with Paul Mitchell®’s commitment to supporting hairdressers with the products, tools and inspiration to help their business and artistry thrive.


Get to know Winnie

Known for breaking the beauty mould and following her own path, top model and advocate. Winnie Harlow joins the Paul Mitchell® family as its first-ever Global Ambassador. Spending her childhood in the salon, Winnie watched her mom not only transform her guests’ hair, but also their lives.

Winnie was ostracised for her differences as a child. Once she embraced her uniqueness, she found the courage to pursue her dreams of becoming a model and spokesperson for others with low self-esteem.

Today, Winnie is a true style chameleon who exudes confidence with every hair flip. Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell® shows you there are no limits to the power of your individuality when you express yourself through style.