Chachi Gonzales

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Chachi Gonzales headshot

Chachi Gonzales

Dancer and Choreographer

Olivia Irene Gonzales, better known as Chachi Gonzales, is an American dancer, choreographer and occasional actress. Chachi started taking dance classes at the age of six and was initially trained as a ballet dancer. At the age of nine, she discovered hip hop and began taking classes. Eventually, Chachi joined forces with the members of Marvelous Motion to create a new dance crew, I.aM.mE., which went on to win the sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011.

Since that victory, Chachi has become one of hip hop’s youngest and most popular choreographers and dancers. She has taught classes and workshops around the world and has a substantial international fan base. Currently, Chachi is also promoting her new clothing line called DOTHEADS by Chachi. 

We asked chachi to give us the scoop on her career, inspirations, favorite Paul Mitchell® products and more! Here's what she had to say:

Three words that describe me are…

Random, bubbly and sometimes “dinosaur.”

I got my start in dance when…

I was six.

My most significant achievement as an athlete is…

Being able to change a person’s life for the better with a movement.

If I wasn’t a professional athlete, I’d be…

A pediatrician.

The person that inspires me the most is…

My sister, Dominique.

When I’m working out, I love to listen to…

EDM and pop music.

My hair is…

A person, basically. A crazy, fluffy person.

My favorite Paul Mitchell product is…

Anything from the Tea Tree brand.

The Paul Mitchell products I always have with me when I travel is…

Tea Tree Special Shampoo® and Conditioner®.

The best style advice I ever received was

Be the best and only version of YOU. Always stay true to YOU.


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