Stephanie Kocielski

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Stephanie Kocielski, Vice President of Education and Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell

Stephanie Kocielski

Vice President of Education and Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell®

Stephanie Kocielski's artistry, exuberance, expert skills and extensive experience make her one of the most sought-after platform artists worldwide. Any stylist who steps foot in one of her classes understands why: Stephanie believes passionately and unabashedly in her award-winning art and loves to share this passion with others. Her vision has always been to make people feel great, because she had that experience with Mr. Paul Mitchell himself.

Stephanie got her start with John Paul Mitchell Systems® at a hair show when The Conditioner™ and Hair Sculpting Lotion™ literally fell at her feet. She asked herself, “Where could these products take me?” Since then, she has fully embraced the Paul Mitchell culture—from humble beginnings in beauty school to working behind the chair at A Robert Cromeans Salon, traveling the world as a platform artist and serving in her current position as Vice President of Education for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

My favorite products are…

The Forever Blonde® products because they help keep my hair’s age a secret!

My greatest accomplishments are…

Becoming Vice President of Education and Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell. These positions allow me to pay it forward to the next generation of hairdressers that will continue to shape and improve the professional beauty industry and spread our company’s unique culture.

I love Paul Mitchell because…
The company allows people to join a family, and that family helps you grow.

I started with Paul Mitchell…

During beauty school when Paul Mitchell (the man) and Jean Braa came to do a class. They showed me I could do great things that day, and I’m still going.

The first time I styled on stage…

I was three weeks into beauty school. Paul Mitchell (the man) was at a show in Philadelphia and I got to go up on stage and shampoo the model’s hair and put in a few finger waves.

The best advice I ever got was…

“Bring your talent but don’t forget your responsibility.”

To me, living beautifully means…

Finding balance and happiness in all that I do!

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