Scott Cole

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Scott Cole, Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color

Scott Cole

Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color

A haircutter at heart, Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color Scott Cole loves the effect of combining cut and color. Seeing this as the future of hairdressing, Scott created COLORCUTTING USA, a continuing education company in Arizona that offers courses, video education and tools for the hairdressing professional.

Scott teaches how and why color works in relationship to haircut designs, with a goal of minimizing the fears and unknowns that many hairstylists feel with color. In order to bring out the best in every stylist’s ability and creativity, Scott focuses on inspiring, motivating and lifting self-esteem. He’s a natural teacher who believes in continually educating himself, and he credits the architectural great Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as Trevor Sorbie and Vidal Sassoon as a few of the many people that inspire him.

My favorite product is…

Sculpting Foam™.

My greatest accomplishments are…

Having my family see me work on stage, doing a show in front of Vidal Sassoon in New York, having the opportunity to do shows at The Gathering and making those bigger and better every year, and being Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color along with Linda, my better half.

I love Paul Mitchell because…

Of the culture. It’s such a positive family environment, and that starts at the top. And also because our products do exactly what we say they do.

I started with Paul Mitchell…

Officially in 1996. They announced that I was Artistic Director for the color line at the first Signature Gathering.

The first time I styled on stage…

Was at an International Beauty Show in New York for Vidal Sassoon. I was just a kid and got really freaked out in front of all those people.

The best advice I ever got was…

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

To me, living beautifully means…

To be present at all times.

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