Linda Yodice

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Linda Yodice, Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color

Linda Yodice

Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color

Strength and beauty, cut and color, intellect and artistry, technique and creativity. These characteristics not only describe the style that Linda Yodice, Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, is known for, but they describe the woman herself. Linda's mother is a hairstylist, so she grew up around the beauty industry, but she was captivated by fashion. While studying fashion design, she attended a hair show and was completely inspired by hairdressing as an art form and how hair was the canvas on which it was created. She saw a perfect way to combine her love for aesthetics with her skills in design.

Linda is known for her sophisticated elegance and straightforward attitude. Her bright smile, poise and disarming laughter, combined with a trigger-sharp wit and uncanny ability to convey technical information in layman’s terms, make Linda a highly sought-after expert in the field of cut and color. These abilities are what recently earned her the distinction of being named one of Modern Salon Magazine’s top 75 educators of all time.

My favorite product is...

shines XG®, at the moment. It delivers amazing coverage, especially for demi-permanent color!

My greatest accomplishments are…

Presenting in front of my parents for the first time at The Gathering, having the opportunity to empower hairdressers to be better than they ever thought they could be, and being named Haircolorist of the Year with Scott Cole at Haircolor USA—we met at that event several years before.

I love Paul Mitchell because…

It has all of the benefits of a corporation but also has the coolness of a grassroots culture and family.

I started with Paul Mitchell…

In 1996 when John Paul announced me as Co-artistic Director. It was unexpected and immensely flattering that the announcement came from him.

The first time I styled on stage…

Was at an International Beauty Show. I was helping Scott prep backstage, and he asked me to get up on stage and do color. So I did, and it was like I was in the right place. I felt at home.

The best advice I ever got was…

“Leave a place better than you found it.”

To me, living beautifully means…

Being surrounded by love, sharing happiness and creating peace throughout the world. 

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