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No Animal Testing- behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the reimagined vintage dove campaign

Where it all began...

The original Paul Mitchell® brand is famous around the world for its black and white bottles. However this wasn’t a decision built on branding or style preference. As John Paul tells it, he and Paul were ready to launch Paul Mitchell Systems, their hair product company on half a million dollar loan from vice president of Citicorp in France when the loan suddenly fell through.

The pair, contemplating their future over 99 cent pancakes at the freeway café on LA’s Cahuenga Boulevard, decided to forge ahead with the $700 they could scrape together between them. The story has often been told of how the $700 went to the artist who designed the packaging and gave them a $300 discount on a $1000 job.

Initially, John Paul Mitchell Systems® faced many challenges. According to John Paul: “We should have gone bankrupt perhaps 50 times during the first year.” Resources were so limited that the Paul Mitchell® brand’s now-famous black and white packaging was a result of not being able to afford colour ink.

At one point, the company consisted of a post office box and an answering machine with a female friend (with an English accent) producing the message recording to convey that there was, indeed, an ‘office.’ 

However, the partners had a unique and winning strategy - a company-building plan that stemmed from their convictions. Mitchell and DeJoria travelled extensively to conduct no-cost product demonstrations for salon owners.

They guaranteed salon owners would sell all products purchased; if they didn’t, they could return any unsold products for a full refund. Such practices represented a first for the hair care industry, and eventually led to John Paul Mitchell Systems® becoming one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States.

Launching Paul Mitchell® in the UK in 1987 through the 3·6·5 Education network of salons was a turning point for the brand; carving out new paths in the British hairdressing scene that would have lasting effects.


Trusted for its quality and performance-driven styling products, Paul Mitchell® is truly an affordable luxury, with more than 80 products for every hair type and end result.

Paul Mitchell® has a strong commitment to giving back, supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes both domestically and internationally.


  • No animal testing. Since 1980
  • Many products are Vegan
  • Built on Integrity
  • Professional Only. No products sold through supermarkets or chemists
  • A legacy of Giving Back
  • Affordable Luxury Position
  • Performance Driven Formulations
  • Trusted Brand

 SOURCE: JPMS® consumer survey of over 1,000 consumer participants.


Back in 1980, Paul Mitchell Systems (as it was known then) started with just three key products. Shampoo One®, Shampoo Two® and The Conditioner™. For their 40th Anniversary, the three originals plus the classic 413 Sculpting Brush have been given a Limited Edition makeover! Harking back to the launch packaging, black and white is very much the focus with large central text and logo. These are still among the top selling Paul Mitchell® products 40 years on; if you’re guests haven’t met this tantalising trio yet, now is the perfect time to introduce them!