Meet MVRCK®: Essential Grooming products for every man

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MVRCK: Essential Grooming products for every man

Meet MVRCK®: Essential Grooming products for every man

Created by barbers, MVRCK® is our new complete line of grooming products — hair, beard and shave essentials — that will help elevate your grooming routine.


Whether you routinely maintain a clean-shaven look or are occasionally in need of a fresh trim, each shave product contains barley seed extract to help reduce the appearance of razor bumps.

For a close shave, try our Shave Cream. The lathering formula moisturises the skin so you can shave without any irritation. Follow with the Skin Tonic, a light refreshing mist to help calm the skin without making it feel tight or dry — also great to use pre-shave as a facial toner. With an intoxicating fragrance comprised of citrus, agave, cedar and sandalwood notes, the moisturizing Cooling Aftershave gel, leaves skin soft and hydrated.


Whether you’re sporting your signature scruff or full-on facial hair, our Beard Oil softens hair with a blend of shea butter, sunflower seed oil and other hydrating ingredients. Keep your beard looking soft, shiny and healthy.


MVRCK®’s hair care line features products perfect for creating both polished, timeless looks and grittier street-inspired hairstyles.

If you want added texture and volume to your hairstyle, spray the Grooming Spray directly onto the root. Infused with hair-softening shea butter, our Grooming Cream is perfect for creating laid-back looks with a light hold. Create versatile looks with our water-based Original Pomade. It provides texture and control with a natural-shine finish. A blend of clays, safflower oil and body-building ingredients in our Dry Paste enhance texture, without any flaking. Perfect for more sculpted styles.

 MVRCK® will be available in July 2019.

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