Introducing the new Neuro® Halo Heat Tools

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Introducing the new Neuro® Halo heat tools

Introducing the new Neuro® Halo Heat Tools

Meet the future of hairstyling: the Neuro®  Halo Touchscreen Dryer and 1" Styling Iron.

Using art and architecture, world-renowned designer Karim Rashid created a collection of smart and stylish heat tools that will revolutionise the way we style hair. 

Create the perfect blowout with the Neuro®  Halo Touchscreen Dryer:

The Touchscreen Dryer will give your hair the body and volume you've always dreamed of. The added tourmaline ions help to reduce frizz and add shine.

Create soft, everyday waves with the Neuro®  Halo 1" Styling Iron:

The Styling Iron's cushioned plates and bevelled edges protect hair from stress and demarcation lines.

Discover the future of hairstyling at a salon near you: 

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