Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Loose Waves

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Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Loose Waves

Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Loose Waves

Form perfectly soft waves with our Neuro® collection of tools and styling products.

• On damp, clean hair, prep with Neuro® Lift
• Starting in the front, take a horizontal section of hair no larger than the size of your Neuro® Round Brush
• Use firm tension to blow dry with your round brush. Start at your base, working through your ends
• Once dry, roll hair around fingers to create a pin curl shape and clip to the base of your head
• Continue working your way around your head, rolling and securing each section
• Once cool, remove the clips and shake out hair
• Apply Neuro® Protect to protect the hair from heat styling
• Take a vertical section from the front of hair and wrap around the Neuro® Unclipped Styling Rod
PRO TIP: For a more lived-in feel, leave the ends of you hair out while curling
• Alternate the direction in which you wrap the hair. Work your way around your head until complete
• Lightly comb through to separate your curls
• Finish with Neuro® Finish to lock-in the look.

Happy styling!

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