Take control of your hair care with New Neuro Liquid

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Take control of your hair care with New Neuro Liquid - Care

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Heated tools are the secret weapon to any styling routine, but with constant use can cause damage to fragile locks. Without protection, exposure to high temperatures from your styling tools can dehydrate your hair, causing the outer cuticle to crack making your locks dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Neuro Liquid is a new collection of intelligent styling products created to help you take back control of your hair. Performance engineered products that are built to withstand the heat and protect your hair every time you style. Formulated with exclusive HeatCTRL technology and a seductive floriental fragrance, this scientifically proven and vegan-friendly regimen allows for guilt-free styling forming the perfect partnership with Neuro intelligent styling tools. Style without compromise. That’s intelligent styling.


A lightweight shampoo, conditioner and treatment, scientifically proven to dramatically increase conditioning and manageability.

Colour Safe. Heat Protection. Reparative

 RS10099_NEURO_Lather _9.2oz _White _half -hpr


• Cleanses heat-stressed strands with a
refreshing scent
• Gently removes dirt and styler residue.
Contains exclusive HeatCRTL™ technology
to help create an ideal foundation for using
thermal styling tools
• Colour-safe formula for all hair types.
272ml £18.95

RS10111_NEURO_Rinse _9.2oz _White _half -hpr

• Rich conditioner replenishes
heat-stressed strands and delivers
advanced thermal protection to help
protect against heat damage
• Hydrating formula protects the cuticle
and reduces friction. Exclusive HeatCTRL™
technology helps reduce the rate of heat
transfer when using thermal styling tools
• Leaves hair soft and manageable.
272ml £20.95

RS10109_NEURO_Repair _5.1oz _White _half -hpr

• Provides exceptional thermal protection and intensive repair for heat-stressed strands
• Rich formula restores moisture to help smooth and condition dehydrated hair. Exclusive HeatCTRL™
technology reduces the rate of heat transfer when using thermal styling tools
• Delivers brilliant shine.
150ml £24.95

When it comes to your hair, won’t feel left wanting to hit ctrl, alt, delete wth  Neuro Care - More Info

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