Get the Look: Beautifully Fierce

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Get the Look: Beautifully Fierce

Get the Look: Beautifully Fierce

Get inspired with our new Live Beautifully imagery, and find out how to achieve a Beautifully Fierce look with Paul Mitchell® products.

You’ll need

• Shampoo One®
• The Detangler™
• Sculpting Foam™
• Dry Wax™
• Stay Strong®
• Neuro® Dry
• 413 Sculpting Brush
• Express Ion Round® L
• Sectioning Clips
• Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1
• Elastics
• Bobby Pins


• Wash and condition with Shampoo One® and The Detangler™
• On towel-dried hair, work a golf-ball-sized amount of Sculpting Foam™ into hair, starting from the ends and working upward
• Using your 413 Sculpting Brush, thoroughly brush hair to evenly distribute the product.

Paul Mitchell Beautifully Fierce 1200X250


• Pre-dry your hair until it’s about 75% dry
• Divide your hair into three horizontal sections, taking sectioning clips to isolate the top two sections and leaving the bottom section at the nape of your neck loose
• Using your Express Ion Round® L, begin blow-drying
• Starting at the base, take subsections that are no larger than the size of your round brush and guide each section through with firm tension. As you dry, focus on the ends for added polish
• Work your way up and around, making sure to clip away excess hair to maintain control
• Once dry, curl each section of your hair with your Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1, 1" Styling Rod
• Taking large sections, wrap hair around the barrel of your Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1 and leave out the ends for a more relaxed feel
• Focus mainly on the middle length of your hair and create a slight bend
• Alternate the direction of your curls in each section
• Wrap the sections around your hairline away from your face while curling
• Once curled, allow your hair to cool completely
• Take a curved section around the side of your head and clip away the rest of your hair to maintain control
• Split that section in half by taking another curved section of hair and clip up the top for control
• Using a small amount of Dry Wax™ on your fingertips, create a French braid by incorporating small sections from above the braid. Blending sections from one side as opposed to alternating sides will create a 3D effect, while also keeping the braid close to the root
• Once you reach the nape of your neck, finish with a traditional, three-strand braid and secure with an elastic
• Repeat this braiding process on the second section that you clipped away


• Once both braids are complete, wrap and tuck them under the rest of your hair and secure with a few bobby pins.

Happy styling!

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