Get the Look: Beautifully Vibrant

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Get the Look: Beautifully Vibrant

Get the Look: Beautifully Vibrant

Get inspired with our new Live Beautifully imagery, and find out how to achieve a Beautifully Virbant look with Paul Mitchell® products.

You’ll need:

• Color Protect® Shampoo
• Color Protect® Conditioner
• Color Protect® Locking Spray
• Full Circle Leave-In Treatment®
• Round Trip®
• 413 Sculpting Brush
• Neuro® Dry
• Diffuser Attachment
• Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron, .75" Small Styling Cone


• Wash and condition with Paul Mitchell® Color Protect® Shampoo and Color Protect® Conditioner
• On towel-dried hair, spray a generous mist of Color Protect® Locking Spray
• Using a 413 Sculpting Brush, thoroughly brush your hair to distribute the product evenly.

Paul Mitchell Beautifully Vibrant 1200X250


• Taking medium-to-large sections, apply a 10 pence-sized amount of Full Circle Leave-In Treatment® into hair
• As you apply the product, make sure to focus on the ends and work your way up toward the base
• Apply more of the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment® into hair as necessary for added moisture
• Split each section in half and work a pea-sized amount of Round Trip® into each section to prep before twisting
• To create the twists, use one hand to twist one section outward and the other hand to wrap the other section over the twisted section
• Repeat the twist set as you work your way to the ends, making sure to keep the size of the twists consistent
• Once every section is twisted, blow-dry your hair with the Neruro® Dry, using the Diffuser attachment
• You may also allow your twists to air dry overnight.


• Once dry, use your fingers to pull and piece apart each twist and expand to your liking
• For added definition, use your Neuro® Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron with the .75" Small Styling Cone to create small sections of curls throughout your hair
• Once cool, massage and shake your base to blend the sections and add volume.

Happy styling!

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