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Get The Look - Pinnacle of Style

Get The Look - Pinnacle of Style



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1. Prep the hair with Moisturizing Lather Shampoo and Keratin Cream Rinse, then towel dry it until it’s 50% dry.

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2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Styling Treatment Oil from the mid-shaft to the ends. Tip: Use more or less product depending on the hair’s length and thickness.

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3. Spray HydroMist Blow-Out Spray from the roots to the ends—this will cut your drying time in half while moisturizing the hair.

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4. Blow-dry with the Neuro Light until the hair is 100% dry.

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5. Use the Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod to add texture and refine natural waves.

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6. Separate the hair into two halves using the top of the ears as a guide. Twist the ponytail, wrap it around the base, then secure it with hairpins. Tip: Backcomb the ponytail before twisting it to create more texture and volume.

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7. After securing the ponytail with hairpins, gently pull pieces of the knot to give it a more tousled look.


Happy Styling!

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