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MITCH THE MAN - Geoff Cameron

MITCH is proud to have Premier League player Geoff Cameron as its Global Brand Ambassador. Geoff is best known for his place on the world stage right now. Not only does he play in the Premier League for Stoke City, he also plays for the United States national team. Geoff's a versatile player who has played five positions during his professional career and will continue to be a key player, no matter what team he's playing on! He is well-known among football fans on both sides of the pond and for more than just skills on the field. His hair is so cool, it's become something of a star in its own right, spawning admiring chatter from style mags and fans and even its own Twitter handle!

So, your hair has its own Twitter account. How did that happen? Is it because of your grooming routine?

I have no idea who runs it,a fan did it. I think they are hilarious. My signature look and grooming routine is maintained scruffiness. Somewhat classy. I get my hair cut every two weeks by the same barber at the same place.  

What's your look for a night out?

Depends on where we're going. I dress for the occasion, but I don't dress to impress, I dress for me and what I feel comfortable in. I enjoy wearing suits for games and looking like a businessman, because I like to take care of business. My style is modern. A mix of preppy, trendy and tailored Euro/English.

Do you notice a difference between American and British style? You're American, has being in Britain affected your look?

I can pick out an American in London in two seconds, especially an American businessman because American suits are less tailored. One time I came back home, and my dad looked at me like, "What are you wearing?" I had on cuffed pants that were in style in Europe but hadn’t made their way to the States yet. I like a mix of everything. Style should be whatever you want it to be.

You travel a lot. What can we always find in your carry-on?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Emergen-C, travel-sized MatterialReformer and Double Hitter, I always carry my MITCH with me.

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