Guest Post: Easy beach waves & glitter roots

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Guest Post: Easy beach waves & glitter roots


Beauty blogger Ayden Millar shares her easy beach waves and glitter roots tutorial: Wavy beach hair always looks so effortless, but ironically can take a bit of effort unless you have a whole load of sun, sea and sand on your doorstep (and the type of hair which likes to cooperate) While sunning it up in Vietnam I can happily proclaim that summer ain't over yet, for either of us! Here's my super easy beach waves tutorial (aka a cheats guide) on how to get those surf laden locks, even if you're land locked. Oh, and a bit of glitter thrown in for good measure.



Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Rinse
Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost
Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray
Hairbrush or comb (with wide teeth)
Small braiding rubber bands

STEP 1: Wash and condition your hair as normal then towel off the excess water. This look stays best on day old hair, but I find that using the extra body shampoo and conditioner gives me enough hold to work with freshly washed hair.

STEP 2: While your hair is still damp, use the body daily boost to add a bit of volume to your roots for when they dry. If you have a fringe, try to manipulate it into the shape you'd normally blow dry it into while it's still damp. We aren't using any heat tools to style here, so it's all about using your hands!


STEP 3: Use the brush/comb and bobbles to section off your hair into 8 braids (more if you want smaller waves, less if you want wider and less obvious waves) Don't worry about them being messy or unevenly placed around your head, they're meant to look quite natural so neatness isn't necessary.

STEP 4: Leave the braids in for at least an hour (or until your hair feels dry) Perfect chance to do your makeup, have some lunch, watch a tv show etc. The longer you can leave them in, the better. Even overnight would be perfect.

STEP 5: Take the braids out, running your fingers through them to separate rather than a brush or comb. Then, rub some ultimate waves through the ends, scrunch them up in the palm of your hands... and you're done! Simply lock in your look with some flexible hair spray (you don't want it to appear too 'done') The PM Super Clean Spray is perfect for this.
STEP 6: Completely optional! A couple of kirby grips, floral hair pieces, or a glitter root can transform your waves from beach to bar. 


It’s totally trial and error with this sort of DIY hairstyle. Each time I do it, the waves are slightly different, or my fringe would sit in a another position, and sometimes the whole look gets scraped up into a messy beach bun - but I think that adds to the fun of things. Have a play around with products, accessories and make it your own. Just remember, no heat allowed, unless it’s from the sun!

Catch more style inspiration over on Ayden's blog - Little Blog Of Horrors

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