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Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty - Good for hair. Good for the planet.


Products Inspired By Doing Good

Since 1980, Paul Mitchell® has focused on amplifying the good: a caring corporate culture that gives back, professional-quality products that do what they say, and great hair days from start to finish. Today, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty is part of our commitment to a more sustainable future. Combining clean formulas, organic botanicals and innovative bio-plastic packaging, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty offers natural solutions that are good for hair and good for the planet.

Advanced Through Innovation

Blending curated botanicals and scientifically crafted ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants, these professional-quality products deliver powerful results.

*Made without SLS, SLES, ALS

Bio Based Packaging

Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty uses an innovative bio-based packaging that is 90% derived from Brazilian sugarcane and 100% recyclable. Growing sugarcane for use in bio-plastic offsets carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is harmful to the planet and a leading cause of global warming. 

Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution.

Sustainable Ingredients

Our products are brimming with clean, good-for-you ingredients that are gentle on the hair, scalp and environment. Our vegan formulas have the clean ingredients you want, without the ones you don’t.
Inspired by our commitment to hairdressers, our professional quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments rely on natural solutions for superior performance

Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty is committed to making better hair care
in a more sustainable way. We grow our organic botanicals on a
biodynamic farm in Italy, and manufacture our products using good
vibes and clean energy. It’s the ultimate farm to bottle experience.