Peace, Love & Happenings

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Peace, Love & Happenings

Peace, Love & Happenings

Launched in 2016, Peace, Love & Happenings is a blog by Paul Mitchell® founder John Paul Dejoria.

JP is frequently traveling the world to gift his time and heart to others, which he does on behalf of all hairdressers and John Paul Mitchell Systems. Did you know that one of his favourite things to do is to give to someone who isn’t looking for recognition or expecting anything in return? Many of JP’s generous activities have gone unannounced, and since he is not tooting his own horn, we are going to toot it for him! Knowing about JP’s charitable efforts and how he is of service to others while representing all of us allows us to feel connected. It also reminds us how we truly are a part of something that is altruistic, kind and giving.

The blog will be sharing the many ways JPMS employees donate their time, how their distributor partners give back, and of course, the worldly adventures of John Paul.

Visit the blog to find out more about JP’s Peace, Love and future Happenings!

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