Meet the men of MITCH®

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Meet the men of MITCH®

Meet the men of MITCH®

Meet the men of MITCH®. Created for the modern man, MITCH® offers workable, long-lasting styles for everyday looks.

Mitch Model Kevin 300X380

Kevin, The Cultural Vet

"I was in the U.S. Navy for six years because I wanted to commit to something bigger than myself. The best thing I learned was discipline—to never give up. Self-expression motivates me to spend time on my look, and cultural openness is important—it means stepping outside of yourself and seeing the world through someone else's eyes."


Mitch Model Jonathan 300X380

Jonathan, The Craftsmen

"My style is function meets fashion. I work in construction, so my clothing has to be utilitarian, but I still like to look good. Work ethic is important to me—I believe if you work hard, then you'll achieve things. If I don't have splinters in my hands at the end of the day, then it wasn't a successful day."


Mitch Model Matt 300X380

Matt, The Under 30 Success Story

"I'd describe my style as contemporary gentleman; my passions are wine and cocktails. I'm a Beverage Director in Downtown L.A. who was named one of Zagat's 30 Under 30 Rock Stars Redefining the Industry. Hard work is important to me, but when it comes to making it to the top of my game, I think confidence is key."


Mitch Model Steven 300X380

Steven, The Musician

"One word that describes my look is freedom. I'm a singer-songwriter who's passionate about music, art and charity work, which I've been doing since I was young. I build platforms to help kids discover and do what they love. The thing I'm most proud of is writing and producing my first album— it all started with my journal."


Mitch Model Wil 300X380

Wil, The Athlete

"I'm an active guy who swims, plays volleyball and loves the outdoors, so I'd say my style is relaxed leisure. I'm a model in Los Angeles, originally from Puerto Rico, who's most proud of my amazing family. They taught me that loyalty is everything and raised me to always try my best to help others."

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