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MarulaOil How-To: Day to Night for Straight Hair Styles

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Daytime Blowout 

  • On damp hair, use Rare Oil Style Extending Primer .
  • Brush with your Detangling Brush to distribute the primer evenly.
  • Pre-dry with your fingers, getting most of the moisture out.
  • Take a section of hair no larger than the size of your round brush, and clip the rest away for control.
  • With a firm tension, guide your Neuro Round through your hair following through your ends.
  • Ensure that the nozzle of your Neuro Dry follows the round brush in each section.
  • Repeat, working your way around your head from the bottom up.
  • Once dry, dress to your liking following your natural part.
  • Finish with Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray .

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Night Time Sleek Strands 

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