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Why You Need to Add a Weekly Deep Conditioner to Your Routine

Why You Need to Add a Weekly Deep Conditioner to Your Routine

Everyone strives for shinier, healthier, more voluminous hair, right? Well, then everyone needs to be using a weekly deep conditioner to keep their hair in the best condition it can be.

Environmental factors, colouring and chemical treatments can cause the keratin fibres in your hair to break, leading to fragile, weak and often dehydrated strands. This in turn causes your hair to look dull, frizzy and lifeless.

Awapuhi -intensivetreatment -product

Like the name suggests, deep conditioners are specifically designed to penetrate deep into the hair to help repair, restore and hydrate. Unlike daily conditioners that are formulated to work in conjunction with a shampoo and sit on top of the hair to help with the daily maintenance and manageability of your hair only. Deep conditioners include treatment to work with the surface of the hair and penetrate the hair strand, nourishing between the cuticle layers and within the cortex. Therefore, the great benefits of a deep conditioner last longer and are more substantial than a daily conditioner.

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Our Keratin Intensive Treatment® repairs vulnerable hair and delivers intense hydration and shine with two imperitive ingredients: 1. Awapuhi extract replenishes intense moisture and shine 2. KeraTriplex®, an exclusive blend of keratin protein, rebuilds and repairs to transform lacklustre hair. Use it weekly to restore life back into your locks!

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