How To Naturally Style Extra-Curly Hair

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How To Naturally Style Extra-Curly Hair

Learn from the pros and master any hairstyle with Paul Mitchell's Virtual Stylist series! Watch now to find out how to diffuse and naturally style extra-curly hair.



  1. Comb ends and work up to base to detangle.
  2. Section top of head to back of ear and apply a Full Circle Leave-In Treatment.
  3. Apply a Twirl Around Curl Definer from base to ends.


  1. Twist random sections around finger to enhance curls.
  2. Diffuse on low power with high heat.
  3. Gather hair into diffuser attachment and work your way around head.
  4. Define further with a Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone.


  1. Complete the look with a Stay Strong hairspray; lift top sections of hair and spray underside.


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