How To Get Soft Beach Waves For Curly Hair

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How To Get Soft Beach Waves For Curly Hair

Learn from the pros and master any hairstyle with Paul Mitchell's Virtual Stylist series! Watch now to find out how to get soft beach waves for curly hair.


  1. Apply Hot Off The Press thermal protectant to blow-dried hair.


  1. Take a diagonal section and use the Neuro Style on any curly hairs around hairline.
  2. Keep the Style close to root and glide through hair, curving upward and downward. Leave ends smooth.
  3. Lightly pass through again to relax curls.
  4. Use the Style to create curls around face for extra volume.


  1. Lightly mist Spray Wax into palm of hand, add a pump of anti-frizz polish and apply through the hair.

 Happy Styling!

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