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For those of us looking for something rebellious but also versatile, the French pleat is the perfect style refresh with a version suited for everyone. From rockin’ and adventurous to romantic and soft, the French pleat is the hairstyle you can keep reinventing all year long. Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1:

Tease your hair at the crown in small sections and hold with flexible sculpting spray, then gently bring the front of your hair over the top for a smooth finish.

Step 2:

Bring all of your hair over the right shoulder and pin the hair from the left shoulder at the middle of your head in the back (you can alternate sides as well). Arrange bobby pins in a zigzag pattern from the crown to the nape of the neck.

Step 3:

Take your loose hair and begin to twist it up toward the pinned side of your hair, covering the bobby pins that are still visible. Apply more sculpting spray to keep it firmly in place, then insert additional bobby pins into the twist to secure.

Step 4:

Spin the ends of your hair into a vertical roll, and shape the hair, pinning it into place – or keep your look a bit more natural by curling the ends and leaving them loose.

Step 5:

To finish with fullness, texture and flexible hold, apply Super Clean Spray® all over your look.

Our favourite part about this style? It works best on second-day hair.

Happy Styling!

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