Introducing the New JPPET Lavender Mint Collection

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Introducing the New JPPET Lavender Mint Collection

Our favourite four-legged friends have a nose for odours. In fact, dogs and cats possess more than double the amount of scent receptors in their noses than humans do and the part of their brain that analyses smells is much larger. That is why we choose to include specially selected botanicals in our grooming products, not only will your pets smell great, they will know it too!

The new Lavender Mint collection is packed with botanicals that help tackle bad aromas and can actually create a powerful calming effect on the brain which results in relaxed fury friends. The natural soothing qualities in lavender and mint essential oils create a gentle antibacterial and anti-inflammatory barrier, giving them an extra dose of protection from pests to keep them happy and healthy.


JPP Ben Bot _Lavender Mint Shampoo

• Gently cleanses

• Helps to calm excitable pets

 Conditions and hydrates skin and coat.

                         LAVENDER MINT DETANGLING SPRAY
                            JPP Ben Bot _Lavender Mint Spray

• Conditions coat in between shampoos

• Soothes and replenishes dry, unruly hair

 Hydrates skin and coat.

For pets that demand only the best, John Paul Pet® Lavender Mint soothes, calms and hydrates - perfect for pampered pooches and fussy felines.

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