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Thinning hair…just reading the words makes people feel uncomfortable. Thinning hair is something that affects most men and women at some stage in their lives. It can be hereditary, due to diet, pregnancy or countless other reason but no matter what the cause it can really dent your confidence. For people around the world our hair is an expression of our confidence and personal style. 

We talk you through some of the best ways to protect your thinning hair and work with it to get the most out of what you have with our favourite products for fine hair:


Tea Tree Scalp Care

Scalp Care is a 3-step system engineered around creating the best environment for hair growth and protecting the hair you have to help prevent any more hair loss. Daily use of the shampoo and conditioner and twice daily use of the hair tonic encourage great results with 85% of users reporting and increase in volume and strength in a matter of weeks.

Matterial 72 Dpi


Matterial is the perfect styling products for guys and girls with shorted styles who find that their current styling routine isn’t cutting it. This styling ultra-matte styling clay has thickening ingredients which add texture and bulk to the hair without weighing it down. 

RS399_LSTSpray _200ml _R1-hpr

Lemon Sage Thickening Spray

This lightweight style booster pumps up skinny strands at the root and grips fine hair for added control with a fresh, no-product feel. Panthenol and thickening ingredients add volume, while high-performance styling resins provide control over your style. 

Extra -Body Sculpting Foam 200ml

Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

This thickening foam creates lightweight body and volume in fine hair, adding flexible control, amplifying shine and boosting moisture. Its conditioning formula provides extra body, fullness and control, while super-emollient ingredients leave hair manageable and shiny. It is the perfect product to help create a gorgeous, full-body blow dry.

Dry Wash 252ml (1)

Dry Wash

This waterless shampoo has a dry formula which instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent. It has an ultra-fine formula which leaves no residue; ideal for finer hair. A powerful directional spray refreshes and revives lifeless hair as gives it an additional boost of body.

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