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When it comes to growing out a full head of hair it can feel like forever to get your style where you want it to be. Most guys have the extra challenge to go from a short crop to full flowing locks, whilst resisting the urge to shave it off half way through the process. We have pulled together some words of wisdom to help you achieve your hair goals.

Chris Hogg - Stylist and Paul Mitchell Insider

  • Be mindful of your corners and cleaning too much of your sideburns and neck line. Constant trimming of these areas can mean your hair ends up growing at different lengths and begins to look disjointed.
  • Ask your stylist/barber for product recommendations as you transition through different hair lengths, to make sure your style always looks good.

Michael Stout - Barber

  • Set an eventual goal in terms of length and style. (This creates a clear roadmap of possibilities for your stylist/barber)
  • Prepare to compromise. Depending on how long you want to go, there’s going to be an in-between stage that you definitely won’t love.
  • Remember that long hair can look presentable. Look into different styles to suit your hair length and work with them.
  • Be patient…really patient.

Jessica Pierce - Stylist and Paul Mitchell Insider

  • Visit your stylist/barber every 5-6 weeks because your hair needs to be trimmed to help it grow into a new shape.
  • Moisturise! Keep your scalp healthy throughout the growing out process with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

A big thank you to our grooming experts for their top tips! 

A big thanks to the Kentucky Gent for our great cover image!

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