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Hair Loss Awareness

Hair Loss Awareness Month

Around 50% of women over 65 will be affected by female pattern hair loss in their lifetime along with several other forms of hair loss that women everywhere will experience. Although hair loss cannot always be prevented, there are steps you can take to try and avoid or reduce the speed of your hair loss. Also keeping your remaining hair in the healthiest condition it can be might help to retain it for longer.

We want to share a few simple steps to try and keep your hair and scalp in its best possible condition.

1.     Diet – Having a healthy diet can so easily be overlooked when it comes to the health of your hair but it can make a crucial difference to its appearance. If you are not getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, your hair won’t be getting them either. If you are trying to keep your hair thick and glossy, fuelling your body with the best ingredients can give your hair the boost it needs. A balanced diet filled with nuts, beans, fruit and vegetables along with 2 litres of water a day can make a difference you will notice in just a couple of weeks. 

2.     Regular trims – When hair loss hits it can seem so strange to book in for regular trims and is a step that many sufferers skip. Un-snipped split ends can end up being your hairs worst nightmare and if left for too long can mean that you end up having to have more cut that you wanted. Aim to visit your hairdresser for a trim every six to eight weeks to leave only the strongest locks.

3.     Knowing your hair – Most of us take our hair for granted and don’t give it the real attention it needs. Slathering on whatever shampoo and conditioner that was on offer in your local supermarket doesn’t cut it when you are trying to keep your hair at its best. Do some research and get to know your hair type so you know how to support a healthy head of hair. Sufferers of hair loss benefit best for a preventative system – Try the Scalp Care Anti-Thinning regime.

4.     Protecting against the elements – Whether it is the summer heat or a winter chill, different climates can really affect your hairs wellbeing. Sun damage, air-conditioning, wind and heating can all cause hair to dehydrate and become dry and brittle. Do what you can to shield your hair from the elements with the products you use and even covering with a light hat or scarf in the winter.

5.     2 minute massages – It might sound strange but leaving a few minutes to one side each day to massage your scalp can stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. Not only will this encourage your hairs health at the root, it will stimulate blood supply to the scalp which can assist hair growth.

*Hair loss statistic provided by the NHS – For more information visit NHS.UK

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