It’s My Party: Up For Anything

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It’s My Party: Up For Anything

Get ready to celebrate the girl who's always ready for her close-up and brings the party wherever she goes. Our 'Up For Anything' tutorial will ensure that you have hair that’s always party perfect, ready for any big night out!



Step 1: Prep the hair by applying Extra-Body Daily Boost to the roots of the crown area and Extra-Body Sculpting Foam to the rest of the hair. Use the Express Ion Round XL to create height and volume. Dry the remaining hair, using your fingers to create more texture.

Step 2: Once the hair is dry, section a triangle two inches back from the hairline to the corners of each eye. Keep this section separate from the rest of the hair. 

Allegra 2_1

Step 3: Spray a light veil of Extra-Body Finishing Spray on the back section of hair to create a good working texture. Divide the back section of hair into a further two sections horizontally from ear to ear. With the lower section, create a tight ponytail and fasten with a clear elastic. Then add the hair from the upper section into a second ponytail with another elastic. After adding the second section of hair, use the “pinch and pull” method around the crown area to add volume and lift to the secured hair.

Allegra 4_1

Step 4: Next, create a 2-finger roll at the nape of the neck with the ponytail hair. Keep the shape of the roll vertical and tight whilst securing the style discreetly with large bobby pins. Remember to keep the ends of the ponytail out of the roll. “Pinch and pull” the hair in the roll to expand the twist and make more of a statement. Use small pins to refine and secure the final shape.

Allegra 5_1 (1)

Step 5: Split the remaining triangle of hair at the front of the head into a middle part and loosely pin it away from the face. Gently release strands at the front of the style to frame the face.

Allegra 7_1

Step 6: Personalise the style by adding a gold chain headband to add that extra something to the finished look.

Allegra 8_1 (1)

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