It's My Party: Down To Party

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It's My Party: Down To Party

Make sure you are always Down to Party with this super sleek style from our It’s My Party collection. This chic look is the ultimate addition for any girl’s night out, be it dancing until dawn at a rooftop party or celebrating a big birthday at your favourite restaurant this style will turn heads!



Step 1: On cleansed hair, create a deep side parting. Apply a cocktail of Super Skinny Serum and Fast Form and blow dry using the Neuro Dry in sections until smooth.

Step 2: Once your hair is dry take two rectangle sections either side of the part.  The rectangle on the heavier side of your part will be larger and heavier. The rectangle on the other side will be smaller and lighter. Prep the hair by spraying Hot Off The Press on each section before curling.

Step 3: Start on the heavier side and divide the rectangle into two smaller sections. Take the section closest to the part and wrap the hair around the Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod twice, twisting the hair as you wrap it around the rod. Leave out the ends of the hair. Once curled clip into place and allow to cool.


Step 4: On the lighter side of the part take all of the hair in the rectangle and wrap the hair once around the rod, twisting as you wrap around the rod. Clip each section into place to allow to cool.


Step 5: Once both sides are curled move to the crown area. Create a triangular section from the crown that meets the corners of the other curled sections. Take this section and holding to styler horizontally, wrap & twist the hair 1.5 times around the rod. Clip into place and allow hair to cool.


Step 6: Smooth the remaining uncurled hair with the Neuro Style and remove clips once hair has completely cooled.


 Step 7: Gently brush the finished style into place and finish with a light coat of Stay Strong to keep the style in place all night long.


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