Guest Post: Beautyology By Lara

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Guest Post: Beautyology By Lara

Guest Post: Beautyology By Lara

Paul Mitchell cruelty free campaigner Lara Kitz opens up about her feelings on animal testing in 2016. The beauty blogger and animal lover shares her thoughts on why people turn a blind eye to animal testing within the industry.

Who would have thought that, not only is Paul Mitchell a fantastic hair brand but it is also cruelty-free? Considering the amount of hair brands out there, it is great to see one which promotes cruelty-free products which are also excellent quality.

I have been using Paul Mitchell products for years now and absolutely love the brand, ever since I tried my first product – Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lift. My hair has always had a tendency to go flat very easily after styling, which is so frustrating. I discovered Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lift spray and found that it really is a life saver, giving my hair that extra bit of volume and boost.

Unfortunately, in the hair and beauty industry there is not enough promotion or awareness when it comes to cruelty free products and not many people know what cruelty-free really means – a zero tolerance policy to animal testing! There are a whole range of reasons why cruelty-free products are important to me.

As an animal lover, the most basic and obvious reason why I find animal testing so abhorrent is because products are tested on animals, something which in 2016 is quite simply cruel and unnecessary. Not only this, but it does not take a long time searching on the internet before you see that there are humane alternatives to this horrible practice.

Most of us are not perfect when it comes to buying products which are completely cruelty-free, especially because it is a difficult thing to achieve. The majority of us buy products without even thinking whether they are or not, even if we find animal testing repulsive. This is not because we don't care but because it is often not at the front of our minds. As a blogger something which is almost impossible for me to get around, is to review a whole range of products for my followers which have the tag of being cruelty-free. However, one thing that can definitely make a difference is increasing awareness of the issue.

Simply put, I choose Paul Mitchell because they are the best at what they do! They have the best products for my hair and are officially certified cruelty-free. I would recommend Paul Mitchell products to everyone and anyone who wants to make their hair look the best it can be. Products really can be good for your hair as well as your conscience!

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