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Style That Stays

Style That Stays

Whether you visit the salon regularly to have your hair blown out or you DIY it at home, creating a style that stays is a must. We have tips and product recommendations to make your gorgeous style stay put!

Day 1

Whether it's with your Paul Mitchell® stylist or at home, we love Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroMist Blow-Out Spray® and the Paul Mitchell® Express Ion Round® brushes to create the perfect style foundation. Is there anything better than the just-left-the-salon feeling?

Day 2-3

Your blow-out is holding up well, but need a little refresher. Apply Dry Wash® to your roots to absorb excess oil and give your hair volume. Then apply Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray to the mid-lengths and ends to revive shine and brilliance.

Day 4

Your original style now has a more laid back, lived-in vibe, and you are rocking it! Provide a little maintenence for any unwanted frizz, lightly spritz your hair with water and using your Express Ion Round® brush and a hairdryer, smooth and polish the ends. Finish with Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Styling Treatment Oil® from the mid-length of your hair to the ends for additional shine.

Day 5

Time to pull out the curling iron! Use the Express Ion® Curl 1.0 to curl the ends of your hair using Hot Off The Press® to protect fragile strands and add touchable hold. Gently brush out the curls, apply Dry Wash® to your roots. 

Day 6-7

Time to wash! Cleanse your hair with the shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type or see your stylist for a decadent Wash Housesm experience followed by your next blow-out!

Voila! You made your blow-out last and never sacrificed style.

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