Guest Post – Festival Styling Tips From The CSI Girls

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Guest Post – Festival Styling Tips From The CSI Girls

We had a chat with Mia from beauty blog The CSI Girls about some of her favourite Paul Mitchell products and how she uses them to get the most out of her style - ready for festival season.

As we went off to Glastonbury for the second time I thought I’d share a few festival styles and my tips for getting the longest out of your hair when you can’t wash it. I think with festivals the thing that worries most of us is not being able to wash our hair. I’m actually lucky and I’ve trained my hair to not need washing as much. If you’re off to a festival and wash your hair daily or every other day try leaving it that extra day on the run up, get the dry shampoo out or braid it back to hide it when it’s a little dirty.

The Day Before: To prepare my hair for a festival I wash and dry it the night before (or in the morning if you have time) try not to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s super moisturising as it’s likely to add extra oils to the hair that you don’t want. Same goes for styling try not to put too much oil into the hair. To blow dry my hair I use a small amount of MarulaOil through the very tips and put lots of Paul Mitchell Heat Seal through the rest of my hair. This is a great product as it protects the hair and provides light styling hold. You don’t want to use anything that’s going to feel too heavy on the hair. Once I’ve done this I curl it. I find curly hair stays looking cleaner for longer and once the curl drops you get nice waves!

Mia 1 (2)

Day 1: I just add some of the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Salt Spray this adds texture without leaving it too crunchy. Add a floral crown and your good to go!

Mia 2 (1)

Day 2: The First thing that starts to annoy me is the fringe so I always make sure I’ve got floral crowns that sit on my head and more of a head band style I can use to just push my hair out of the face.

Mia (1)

Day 3: By day three my hair is starting to flatten and it’s time for some dry shampoo, I use Paul Mitchell Dry Wash. I like this as it doesn’t leave residue or a powdering feeling behind and as you’re still not washing your hair for a few days you really don’t want build up. By day three my hair looks a bit flatter so I tend to do something half up. I really like the chunky side dutch braid. This floral crown has two clips and is a great multi use one! For this I dutch braid from one side of my head to the other then braid what hair is left without adding more. I’ve got quite fine hair I always then pull the hair out from the centre of the braid to make it more chunky.

Mia 6 (1)

Day 4: By the fourth day my hair needs to be up. Dutch braids are everywhere thanks to Kylie Jenner and they’re great for festivals as rain or shine your hair looks great. It also disguises dirty hair and gets it out of the way. Where my hair is shorter I tuck the braids up under each other as they don’t look good down. Even a chin length bob can do this. When my braids aren’t long enough to meet in the middle I just tuck the ends in under!

Mia 7 (1)

The Last Day: When all else fails throw your hair up in a messy bun and add flowers!

Hope these inspirations help if you’re off to a festival and if you’re not they’re still perfect summer styles!

Love Mia


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