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Paul Mitchell the man

Paul Mitchell revolutionized the art of hairdressing with his creative eye and unparalleled talent. He was the visionary behind the art of hair sculpting, he liberated women from hair rollers and he took the industry by storm with the introduction of hair products featuring hawaiian awapuhi ginger. During the height of his career, Paul’s styles were featured on the covers of leading magazines and worn by famous actresses, models and editors. 

On what would have been his 80th birthday, we honour the legacy of Paul Mitchell the man.

Did you know: Paul was born Cyril Thompson Mitchell on 27th January 1936 in Carnwath, Scotland. His mother was Carnwath's first hairdresser.

1939 Morrisschool1

Did you know: In 1954 Cyril joined the Park Lane salon in Mayfair and changed his name to Paul; a moniker given to him by his boss.

Paul Mitchell

Did you know: After his arrival in 1970; Paul had originally wanted to name his son Angus, Bojangles.

Paul Picture 5A

Did you know: In 1983 way ahead of the game, Paul and John Paul created the self-sustaining, solar-powered Paul Mitchell Awapuhi farm in Hawaii. All of the awapuhi used our products is still organically harvested there.


Did you know: In 1987, the forward-thinking pair Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria pioneer one of the world's first solar and wind-powered race cars.



Happy Birthday Paul Mitchell - you are sorely missed.

To discover more about our legendary co-founder, visit our timeline.

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