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A commitment to caring for people and dedication to making the world a more beautiful place is a driving force in everything we do. During 2016 we are raising consumer awareness of animal testing within our industry and spreading our No Animal Testing message with the world. Our devoted brand supporters were featured in the January issue of Creative Head magazine spreading our shared ethical values with the hope to stamp out animal testing for good!

During the shoot some of our dedicated campaigners shared a message as to why they choose cruelty free products, which we wanted to share with you all:

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Amy Russell – The Cutting Room

‘When we have the choice to work with products that are cruelty free it seems unfathomable as to why anyone would choose to use a product that has been tested on animals. Our salon guests actually seek us out because we use a brand that doesn’t test on animals; it is not just a sticker on the back of the bottle to Paul Mitchell’


Josh Denholm – Reilly Denholm Creative Hair Designers

‘To work with a brand that really cares for animals and looks after animals personally makes me really excited. From a salon point of view so many people are looking for a cruelty free brand these days’


Rocco Tizzano – Salon Alchemy

‘I love that Paul Mitchell is a cruelty free brand that doesn’t test on animals because I have a pet myself. They become part of your family and I think that it is a great way to make the products successful as it respects the creatures on this planet'


Vicky Panting – Outcast Hair

‘The thought of any animals being harmed so my hair, face or skin could look good is unimaginable to me, cruelty free is the most important thing when I’m looking for any products.’


Kiri Constantinou – Fabulous Hair Company

‘I think it is really important to endorse products that are cruelty free. It was a strong statement that Paul Mitchell made 36 years ago to and they have been true to that statement ever since’


Lara Kisz – Beautyology by Lara Blog

‘The majority of the time I blog about cruelty-free products, as an animal lover it is really important to me. It’s also really important to find a cruelty free brand that is really good quality and effective like Paul Mitchell, as so many brands still test on animals’


Laura Byrnes – Laura’s Little Locket Blog

‘I love that Paul Mitchell is an ethical brand that supports great causes all around the world. I love animals and so many high street brands test on animals so it’s great that Paul Mitchell doesn’t’

Visit to join the Go Cruelty Free Pledge.

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