Going Green For Earth Day!

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Going Green For Earth Day!


The Tea Tree team made their own commitment to The Green Takeover by spending a day tree planting in an effort to green the globe. On Thursday the 24th of March the team headed to The Forest of Marston Vale where trees can be planted by the public to help repair damaged landscapes, to cultivate barren areas. The Forest is one of 12 Community Forests across England, designated in the 1990s to regenerate land around towns and cities. Areas scarred by industrialisation and in this case to address the effects of the brick making industry, which had thrived for over a hundred years. The charity works with farmers and landowners to help improve the wider landscape, positively engaging local communities in all aspects redevelopment and rejuvenation within their area.


This is just part of our green takeover campaign. For the third year in row, Paul Mitchell’s eco-conscious brand Tea Tree is partnering with Reforest’Action, a Paris-based environmental organisation that plants trees worldwide to reforest areas in need. We have a goal to reach a total number of 500,000 trees planted by the end of 2016.

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Celebrate Earth Month by joining Paul Mitchell® Tea Tree in The Green Takeover and help us reach a total of 500,000 trees planted by the end of 2016. Visit Reforest’Action at www.reforestaction.com and enter the code TEATREE16 and click ‘validate’ to plant your FREE tree in South America.

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