5 Minutes to Man Up

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5 Minutes to Man Up

The only five styles guys need to know this autumn/winter and the locker legends to get you there


Photo Credit: Catwalking.com

1.     Slick Rick – get ready to take on Wall Street with the ultimate in perfectly groomed and slick styles.

Locker Legend: MITCH® Barber’s Classic®, moderate hold high shine pomade

 Mitch Barbersclassic Product

2.     Bulk Up – add some bulk to your quiff by combing hair back off your face with your fingers and adding hold with a flexible styler.

Locker Legend: MITCH® Construction Paste® elastic hold mesh styler

 Mitch Constructionpaste Product

3.     Gelly Baby – a favourite of Estate Agents and ageing CEOs in pinstripe, it’s time for an update with deep comb marks, plenty of gel and no parting.

Locker Legend: MITCH® Steady Grip® firm hold natural shine gel

Mitch Steadygrip Product


4.     Fix Up, Look Sharp – this will take practice to avoid looking like Peter Andre circa 2001. Spike individual strands for an organic look, not too uniform.

Locker Legend: MITCH® Hardwired®, maximum hold spiking glue

 Mitch Hardwired Product

5.     Hangover Hair – Yes, that is actually a trend. Wake up, roughly comb product through with your fingers to keep the ‘morning after’ vibe, done.

Locker Legend: MITCH® Reformer® strong hold matte finish texturizer 

Mitch Reformer Product

Get your groom on this season with your product wingman - MITCH®

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