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Tress SOS

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The temperature may have plummeted, but be sure your style stays hotter than ever in the battle to beat the big chill. The harsh effects of winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair, repair and protect your locks from the elements with these winter wonder hair saviours from Paul Mitchell®.

Indulge in a cocktail without the dreaded hangover.

                Pm Clarifying Shampootwo CarouselPm Clarifying Shampoothree Carousel
Combine Shampoo Two® and Shampoo Three® for a detoxifying double act that will remove all evidence of too much partying and start afresh.

With its zesty lemon fragrance and deep cleansing properties, Shampoo Two® will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean and gleaming with natural shine.

Strengthen from the inside with Shampoo Three®, the perfect solution to remove product build up and everyday dulling residues including Chlorine.

Use this ‘Shampoo Five’ recipe for the ultimate cleanse before a deep treatment to enhance its performance and bring hair back to its prewinter healthy condition. We love Super-Charged Moisturizer® to deliver an intense dose of moisture for dehydrated locks, while boosting shine and improving elasticity.

 Pm Moisture Super Chargedmoisturizer Carousel


Treat your tresses to a little winter SOS at your nearest

Paul Mitchell® salon.


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