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How to: Your Big Moment

 Create effortless waves for Your Big Moment, with our guide to creating this stunning style from the Big Night Out collection.


Must have products:

Must have tools:

 1. Prep the hair with Thicken Up and spray hair with Hot Off The Press to prepare for iron work.

2. Part the hair on the left side of the head. Part a section from the left front part diagonally back to the right nape hairline and clip away.

3. Create another section on the right side from just above the apex of the head, down to meet the previous section, and clip away. Clip away the remaining hair.

4. Release the left side panel and spray with Hot Off The Press. Place a clip on the left side panel at the nape. Using the Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod, curl the hair toward the face, up to where the clip is.

5. Secure each curl in a pin curl shape on the base. Repeat this curl technique in the same direction for the entire left panel.

6. At the top of the head in panel 2, take diagonal section and curl hair away from the face, again spraying each section with Hot Off The Press prior to curling. 

7. Continue curling the hair but towards the face in the remaining section, so that all the curls are in the same direction around the head.

8. To finish, drop all the pin curls once they have set and are cool. Brush the hair out with the 413 Sculpting Brush and spray with Stay Strong.


Enjoy Your Big Moment with Paul Mitchell.

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Amy is Paul Mitchell’s Creative Communications Manager and our go-to gal for all things creative in PR, including social media, editorial photoshoots, copywriting and more. 

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