The Long Game

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The Long Game

From salon to street to runway; guys are playing the long game.

Taking it tight at the back and sides: the versatility of length left on top is allowing guys to transform their look between slick combed back volume as seen on the runway at Balmain; to laid back texture as seen at Vivienne Westwood.


UK Artistic Team member Angelo Digeo  created this look on one of his salon guests using MITCH® Steady Grip® brushed through with a 413 Sculpting Brush. For a more laid back textured vibe, try working Clean Cut® through with your fingers, scrunching with your fingers to bring out the natural texture.

Must-have product:

Steady Grip

Must-have tool:

413 Sculpting Brush

Amy Vears 2

Amy is Paul Mitchell’s Creative Communications Manager and our go-to gal for all things creative in PR, including social media, editorial photoshoots, copywriting and more. 

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