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How to: Curl About Town

Get the full collection in our last Paul Mitchell, Big Night Out hair how-to! 

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  1. Prep damp hair with Twirl Around from the mid-shaft to the ends. Blow the hair dry.
  2. Part the hair into a horseshoe section on the top of the head. Create three large barrel curls in this section using the Express Ion Curl XL.
  3. Next, create an off-center ponytail, slightly below the horseshoe section.
  4. Begin smoothing sections back with a Teasing Brush and Hold Me Tight.
  5. Release the barrel curls. Backcomb each curl, starting in the back.
  6. Smooth the three curls back to create volume over the Mohawk section of the head.
  7. Wrap the tails of the top section around your fingers, then twist the ends pushing forward to create more volume. Cover the hairband with the ends of the hair.
  8. Separate the tail into two halves.
  9. Place a hairband two inches down from the base on the top half. Separate the top half into two sections between the bands and feed the bottom half of the hair through the hole.
  10. Place another hairband two inches down from that and repeat the above steps until you reach the bottom of the hair.
  11. Gently pull on the outside of the braid to expand the shape as desired.
  12. Finish with Extra-Body Finishing Spray.



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