Double Style Inspiration - Age of Beauty

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Double Style Inspiration - Age of Beauty

Who said short hair can't be versatile!
Beautiful at any age, follow our 2 simple how-to guides for tousled texture or seriously sleek styles.

Must-Have Products:

Must-Have Tools:

Get The Look - Tousled Texture

Tousled Texture

 On damp hair, spritz through and scrunch in Texturizing Sea Spray

Rough dry hair with your head tipped forward using the Neuro Dry to ensure maximum volume.

Taking a small Express Ion Round Brush, dry hair in sections. Use your fingers to separate and add messy texture to your blow dry for a more natural look.

Apply Finishing Spray for a fabulous finish.

 Get The Look - Seriously Sleek

Seriously Sleek (1)

Apply HydroMist Blow-Out Spray from roots to mid-length, adding a little extra to the crown area.

Leaving out a section at the front for a sweeping side fringe, blow-dry hair using a Neuro Dry and a large Express Ion Round Brush in sections, raising the hair vertically to achieve maximum volume. 

Shape and smooth the fringe using a 413 Sculpting Brush, sweeping the hair from side to side. 

Finish with a mist of Shine Spray.

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