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Age of Beauty

Did you know that the 50+ female demographic makes up 44% of UK inhabitants?  Paul Mitchell® believe that beauty is ageless, so we've focused on this often forgotten demographic with our beautiful Little Black Dress Collection. Our models faces remain un-retouched.

 Incredibly, models, Carrelyn, Heather and Lisa are all over the age of 40, the median age of women in the UK at the moment. Furthermore, with 80% of the nation’s wealth held by the over 50s, this age group is often under-represented, not only in the media, but also by the beauty industry as a whole.

 The Paul Mitchell® Artistic Team utilised the anti-ageing properties of the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® collection to create these stunning styles. 

 Gemma Scrivener, Head of PR, Salon Success, explained more:  “It’s simply nonsensical that the women who spend the most on beauty are massively under-represented within beauty imagery. We wanted to address this and create beautiful images on women over 40, with hair and make-up that not only looks luxurious and expensive, but is also wearable and replicable. Imagery should inspire, and not alienate which can often be the case. Awapuhi Wild Ginger was the natural product choice. It’s a luxurious capsule collection that addresses issues associated with ageing hair and does what it says on the bottle! We shouldn’t take a prescriptive approach and dictate which hairstyles suit what age. It’s about what makes you feel and look amazing, and we think these images reflect just that."

Hair: Nicole Hewitt, Mandy Graham, Evie Davies and Sam Walters

Photography: Mike Owen

Make-Up: Jo Bull

Styling: Trudie Le Marie

Art Direction: Nigel Barnes

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for our style tutorials to help you recreate these styles at home! 

 Amy Vears 2

Amy is Paul Mitchell’s Creative Communications Manager and our go-to gal for all things creative in PR, including social media, editorial photoshoots, copywriting and more. 

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