How To: Get Your Glitter On

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How To: Get Your Glitter On

What do Leona Lewis and our Paul Mitchell® Educator, Gemma Amura, have in common? Sadly it's not winning the X Factor, however their stars shine equally bright in taking on the hottest trend in hair - glitter roots.

Here, Gemma shares her simple how to ensuring you'll be sparkling like a glass of champagne over Christmas.

Picture154Image credit: Gemma Amura

Step 1: Select your glitter shade of choice, or mix two or more colours together for greater depth of colour. 

Step 2: Squeeze Paul Mitchell® Ultimate Wave®  into a colour or small mixing bowl and add your glitter.

12376604_460964167424394_1793625947062177541_nImage credit: Gemma Amura

Step 3: Mix together until you form a gel-like consistency and are happy with the glitter colour. 

Step 4: Apply with a colour mixing brush or dab on using a make-up sponge to your roots. 

12342861_460964150757729_485766314237140740_nImage credit: Gemma Amura

Et voilà! 

Ultimate Wave® won't dull the shine of the glitter, and it can be easily removed with our clarifying Shampoo Two® the next day.

Happy glittering!


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